Additional Attendee Feedback

“We engaged Kopp Consulting to do a training seminar for our team, which was designed to focus on the sales process as a series of steps that must be taken in sequence and without skipping ahead, and we then drilled down on particular prospects in our growing pipeline of sales opportunities.

We decided to couple the training with a series of follow-up Accountability Calls during Q4 in order to position ourselves for continued growth the following year. The result – we entered the next year with the largest and best qualified sales pipeline we have ever had!

We decided to continue with a second training session during Q1 and followed that with an additional series of Accountability Calls. As a team, we have seen the techniques that Kopp has developed and trained us on working with real prospects in our pipeline, including how to frame questions to focus on the customer’s needs and then to ask ‘under what circumstances’ potential opportunities would close.

As we strive for ongoing improvement, we continue to internalize Kopp’s techniques, and we are now taking our training to the next level by looking at how time is being spent, an analysis we learned in our training known as N&R (non-revenue vs. revenue generating activities).

My team has described Kopp’s training programs as ‘excellent’ and ‘the best training I have ever received.’ As the business leader, I personally found the training to be both fun and productive. I would highly recommend Kopp Consulting for anyone who is interested in growing the sales of their company and the percentage of ‘won deals’ from their sales pipeline.”

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