The Kopp GAP Method of Sales Messaging®

This transformative messaging service provides you with powerful language to use with prospects who are content with the status quo or who are using another vendor. When Kopp Consulting executes the Kopp GAP Method of Sales Messaging® for your business, you will be on your way to making your competition irrelevant in the eyes of your prospects!

The Workshop

When you say the right words to the right people, doors open sooner and sales close faster. A Kopp Messaging Strategist will help you and your team develop your own message using the Kopp GAP Method of Sales Messaging. You will have time to craft a personal version of this sales message and a few attendees will receive real time coaching to take their messages to the next level. Everyone can experience how changing a few words can change an outcome!

Done For You

One of our Messaging Strategists will create your messaging so you and your team have the best answer for times when prospects say they already have another vendor or know others who do what you do. This is must-have messaging for all stages of the sales process including; prospecting, first meetings, proposals and closing. Remember, the person with the best words wins!

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