The Goal of Coaching

How helpful would it be if you had an experienced, senior level business developer guide you so you can open more doors and close more sales? Specifically, we will help you organize your sales efforts so you achieve accelerated success for the time you spend selling. We’ll help you!!

Who Does The Coaching?

Kopp Consulting is a group of exceptionally talented and experienced new business development sales professionals. Each Door Opener® has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in business development and most have also held decision maker roles in corporations. Consulting work will be done by a Kopp Consulting Messaging Strategist or Door Opener.

Door Opening Coaching

For those who want to do the door opening themselves but need to be more successful, we can help. A senior level business developer, who is an expert in door opening will show you exactly what to do (what works today, not theory, not what worked 10 years ago) so you avoid spinning your wheels, wasting your time and missing opportunities!

Accompanied Sales Appointments

You only get one shot at an initial meeting so you must be certain it goes well. Make the most of the time you spend with your prospects and get the results you want by inviting a Kopp Door Opener to participate in a selected series of sales calls.

We’ll help you achieve optimal meeting outcomes with the right “high gain” questions, better conversation structure, objection response preparation, visual aids which actually aid you visually and closing language which ensures next steps happen.

Move Proposals Through The Sales Process

We’ll work with you to outline a more effective proposal process so you maintain control of the sale and move proposals more efficiently to the close. We’ll help you ask better questions, anticipate objections, structure proposals (content and delivery) as well as provide closing techniques so you are more successful in avoiding the “big black hole” and prospects who “go silent.”

Close More Sales

Closing is the logical, executional detail of business development well done. You can have more control over the sales process than you think.

If closing seems incredibly difficult, it’s time to analyze your sales process. Most sales that don’t close, or are difficult to close, can be traced back to a misstep early in the sales process. We can help you pinpoint hiccups in your sales process that can prevent future missed opportunities. We’ll provide you with language that moves the ball forward, even when it seems all may be lost. Ask us for help!

Selling More To Current Clients

If you have a relationship with one decision maker in a client company but not three others, or if your decision maker also uses other vendors, you are likely missing out on sales which could be yours.

Protect your position and maximize your revenue from the time you’re spending with clients by having us help you. We’ll identify strategies and the approach for uncovering opportunities and guide you or your sellers through capturing all the sales that should be yours from any one decision maker, and from all decision makers within client companies.

The Path To The Cash Clarity Session

If you’re not getting the results you want despite your best efforts, the issue may not be clear and it’s not going to solve itself. We’ll steer you onto The Path To The Cash with the least disruption for your team. When business development is done right, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

“I worked with Kopp Consulting to hone sales skills and to get external feedback for closing deals with more efficiency. They attended sales calls and reviewed the approach. Their feedback and recommendations helped optimize meetings and closings. Without their recommendations, deals would not move through the pipeline as quickly.”

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