Most companies spend very little time, if any, developing their sales message and making sure it works. We’ve made a science out of it!

It’s almost impossible to find Messaging Strategists with deep business development experience who can craft sales language that initiates strong connections with prospects.

Our Messaging Strategists design sales language which captures the attention of the right prospects and moves them through the sales process.

Our trademarked sales messaging services have been adopted and endorsed by Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up Coaches Worldwide, along with many other organizations.

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“When you say the right words to the right people, doors open sooner and sales close faster.”

Our Moment of Yes® and Kopp GAP Method of Sales Messaging® services provide superior messaging for every part of your sales process including:

checkmark   getting in the door for the first meeting with executive level prospects

checkmark   talk tracks for prospect meetings (including “high gain” questions)

checkmark   prospect follow-up

checkmark   moving proposals forward

checkmark   closing the sale

checkmark   objection responses which work

checkmark   increasing sales with current clients

checkmark   expanding to other decision makers within client companies

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Entire deals can be won or lost on the basis of a single sentence. Make sure your team knows the right sentences. We can also train your sales team to use sales messaging, so they don’t “practice” on your important prospects.

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In Sales Every Word Matters

As sales reps struggle to connect, engage and book more meetings with their target prospects, they almost always overlook the most important element of achieving their goals – their sales message and approach. Learn more in this FREE webinar.

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“You only get one shot with a prospect, so… be certain you can articulate how you will be indispensable to your ideal prospects. You won’t get a second chance.”

How sure are you that your sales messaging is superior and that your team consistently uses the right words?

Accelerate sales results with superior messaging.

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When to Give Up on a Prospect

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