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Caryn Kopp was named a Top 50 Keynote Speaker by Top Sales World

Caryn speaks from experience and provides practical, actionable information business leaders need to accelerate sales results. A best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker and an expert in Business Development, Caryn can be found in Inc., Fortune, Forbes and Newsweek. She co-authored Biz Dev Done Right, an Amazon best-seller, which teaches business leaders how to uncover and understand the blind spots in the sales process. Caryn is also a faculty member of Verne Harnish’s Gazelles Growth Institute.

Topics include:

The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success

The first step in closing a sale is landing the initial meeting. Do you want more of those? Learn Caryn’s proven secrets for getting the right prospect doors open so you have a continual flow of new opportunities in your pipeline.

You will learn:

  • What could be missing from your door opening efforts and what you can do about it to be more successful for time spent
  • How to craft compelling sales language and incorporate the principles of “GAP” messaging to get more meetings
  • How to build your list of “dream” prospects and where to find their contact information
  • Tips and techniques which work in getting prospects to respond
  • What to do now if your sales pipeline is low and you are worried about not having enough business

The Path To The Cash! Practices Which Ensure Sales Results

Whether you have a sales manager, sales team or you are the rainmaker for your business, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you get the sales results you deserve. In this session you will learn the secrets to sales efficiency, so you/your team will have optimal results for time spent on business development. We will discuss what management needs to know so sellers pitch better, what you really need to know about hiring sales people and sales managers, the real ‘why’ behind gaps in sales staff delivery as well as what to do about it from the top, tips for getting the first meeting with important prospects as well as “hidden” KPIs to help you know if you’re on track for success. Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting, whose Door Opener Service helps clients land initial meetings with high level, hard to reach prospect decision makers.

Using their own definitions for greater sales success (i.e. more sales, more sales in less time, more profitable sales, bigger clients, etc.) and their own real-life scenarios, participants will explore what aspects along their path to the cash need to be tweaked or changed in order to accelerate sales results.

A few specific topics we will dive into include:

    • What leaders need to know so their sellers can take their sales pitches to the next level
    • What leaders really need to know about hiring sales people and sales managers
    • The real ‘why’ behind gaps in sales staff delivery as well as what to do about it from the top
    • Tips for meeting more of the right prospects
    • “Hidden” KPIs to help you know if you’re on track for success

Whether leaders have a sales manager, sales team or are the rainmakers for their businesses, there are certain steps they can take to ensure they have the sales success they deserve. The result: greater understanding of what needs to change in order to achieve greater results for time spent on business development AND specific action steps to remove roadblocks which may be preventing desired sales results.

Building & Rebuilding Your Sales Pipeline in a Virtual World

How has your sales trajectory for the year changed as a result of the crisis? Are you finding it hard to maintain your sales pipeline while also managing your business? Was meeting new clients at conferences, tradeshows or in person networking events part of your sales strategy and you now need other effective avenues?

The world changed in many ways and one of those ways is how sales will be accomplished. Business leaders need to know what they don’t know and do what they don’t do in order to have their businesses survive now and thrive later. In this webinar, Caryn will cover:

  • What to do now if your sales pipeline is not as full as you need it to be and you are worried about not having enough business
  • Ways to meet new prospects in a virtual world
  • How to effectively conduct prospect meetings online to achieve the optimal outcomes
  • Sellers who are more effective meeting prospects virtually
  • Leading Indicator KPIs to watch so you know your efforts are on track to yield desired results

Learn from Chief Door Opener, Caryn Kopp what her team of Door Openers are doing now to get their clients the Executive Level prospect meetings needed to build (or rebuild) a company’s sales pipeline.

Biz Dev Done Right

When Business Development is done right, there is no limit to what can be

Learn Caryn’s answers (and secrets) to the four questions she is most frequently asked about sales:

  • How do I get more sales?
  • How do I meet more of the right prospects?
  • How do I close in less time?
  • How do I find the time to implement what I just learned?

Increasing Sales With Current Clients

How sure are you that when your clients spend, they spend with you? Can the projects you’re working on with your clients be larger or increase in frequency? Have you been in touch with all the other decision makers within client companies who need your services? This program will show you how to strategically and tactically increase sales with current clients:

  • What else can you be providing for the decision maker(s) with whom you work?
  • Who else in the organization has a mutually exclusive budget who should know about you?
  • Re-think what you propose in a way that can significantly increase deal size!

Also…tips for re-engaging past clients (the ones you actually want back) and “no-go” proposals.

Keynotes & breakouts
Boardrooms & small groups

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Chief Door Opener®, Caryn Kopp speaks on the topic of finding your ideal customer

Attendee Feedback

“Caryn was a terrific presenter. EO Atlanta is hard to impress and Caryn left us all with high value and excellent next steps of how to bring our businesses to the next level. Her process is no-nonsense and replicable. We all were challenged to take a deep look at our approach and review how we can step up our business development efforts.”

“I appreciate your passion and real life examples.”

“Caryn’s presentation was the best I have heard in a long time. I walked away with so much good, useful information. I already started applying it to my business. The 3 hour session was well worth my time.”

“Caryn impressed me mightily. Her presentation was informative, user-friendly and pragmatic. She is a terrific, engaging speaker. I wished we could have stayed longer. Warm thanks to her for sharing a bit of her expertise. I hope to carry her with me on future sales calls!”

“Thought provoking ideas that are easy to implement.”

“Caryn inspired me with her talk. I made a cold call today – but before I did, I planned out my 6 sentence talking points with a little of my creativity. Amazingly, I was put through to the President; had a great call; and will be meeting with him. So thank you!”

“I just couldn’t scratch the notes fast enough. Great information!”

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Caryn on The 5 Planks of Door Opening Success

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Caryn discusses how to immediately accelerate sales success, shorten sales cycles and uncover roadblocks preventing next level results. Audiences rave about Caryn’s interactive exercises which create breakthrough learning moments.

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Caryn Kopp is the co-author of the Amazon best-seller, Biz Dev Done Right, and is the author of The Path to the Cash!® The Words You NEED To Bypass Those Darned Prospect Objections. These publications are endorsed by Verne Harnish and Jack Daly.
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