What Leaders Can Do To Help Sellers Get More (and Better) Prospect Meetings

In this episode of Sales B12®, Sales Experts Caryn Kopp, and Jack Daly, discuss specific actions leaders can do to help sellers land more and better prospect meetings.

The key points discussed include:

  • Why Sellers Are Not Getting More Meetings Than They Are Currently
  • The Kind of Outreach To New Prospects Which Makes A Difference and Opens the Door
  • What Most Sellers Don’t Do, Which Can Cripple Results
  • Creating The Right Sales Message Which Rises Above The Competition
  • What Leaders Can Do To Help Sellers Take Prospecting Success To The Next Level
  • What To Do When the Leader Is Not Equipped To Help Sellers Land More Meetings

This episode is a goldmine for Leaders aiming to accelerate prospecting success. Remember, if you don’t get in the door, you don’t get to do much of anything else!

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