Getting New Sellers To Deliver Results Faster

Leaders who hire new sellers always want them to deliver results yesterday. They often misjudge how long the hiring process takes and then become frustrated by how long the onboarding process takes. In this episode of Sales B12®, Sales Experts Caryn Kopp, and Jack Daly, discuss strategies and tactics sales leaders can use to accelerate onboarding new sellers and keep the sales funnel full at the same time.

The key points discussed include:

  • Best practices for accelerating new hire results
  • The importance of a playbook and role practice
  • Tactics to keep the sales funnel full while hiring and onboarding
  • The role of a sales leader in onboarding new hires
  • How to structure onboarding for a seller focused on a Door Opening role

If you need to keep your sales funnel full, while onboarding new sellers who need to deliver results faster, then stop what you’re doing and watch or listen to this episode of Sales B12®!

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