Getting Stuck Proposals Unstuck

Do you have proposals stuck in the pipeline and need them to close faster? Many say economic uncertainty is to blame for deals not moving forward, but there could be other factors at play. In this episode of Sales B12, Jack and I discuss our best and most creative ideas for getting those stuck proposals unstuck, so you can proactively accelerate the close.

Take a listen! We discuss:

  • Strategies for turning a stuck proposal into a win.
  • The most powerful “one-liner” which gets stuck deals to move forward.
  • Are YOU causing the slow-down in the sales process?
  • Is the proposal REALLY stuck?
  • Leveraging economic news to help close sales.
  • How to find prospects who are spending.
  • How a second voice can accelerate the close, if the first voice stalls.
  • What leaders can do to help sellers move proposals forward.
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