What Leaders And Sellers Can Do To Elevate Their Energy In Prospecting

The Power of Energy in Sales explores how energy affects the sales process and salespeople in their ability to get things done.

The series is hosted by Chief Door Opener, Caryn Kopp, and Natalya Berdikyan, Chief Energy Officer and Leadership Coach at Life By Design.

Did You Know?

  • Having higher core energy leads to higher results, financial gains, and life satisfaction [read more]
  • Your Core Energy determines your life potential [read more]
  • An Energy Leadership Index assessment can help you reach your full potential [read more]

In this inaugural episode, Caryn and Natalya, focus on what leaders and sellers can do to elevate their energy in prospecting, answering these questions along the way:

  • How does working in your zone of genius affect energy when it comes to sales, specifically prospecting?
  • When leaders have sellers who are tasked with opening doors but who gain no energy from that part of the sales process, what can leaders do about it and what can sellers do about it from an energy standpoint?
  • How can managers start conversations with sellers to help them elevate their energy when it comes to prospecting?
  • How can leaders stop operating from a place of fear when it comes to entering conversations with sellers about prospecting?
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