Did you know…

  • It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. – Source: Sirius Decisions
  • 50% of leads never get a second cold call from a salesperson. – Source: Velocify
  • 50% of sales go to the 1st person to contact the prospect. – Source: Insidesales.com
  • Reach out early in the buying process so you can influence the decision criteria and develop trust with the prospect before your competitors. – Source: Hubspot
  • In a typical firm with 100-500 employees, an average of 7 people are involved in most buying decisions. (Are you confident your team is reaching the right contacts?) – Source: Gartner
  • It takes 10 months or more for a new sales rep to be fully productive. – Source: Brainshark
  • One of the top challenges salespeople face is getting in touch with prospects. – Source: Hubspot
  • More than 50% of customers will find someone else – even when they’re looking for a provider – if they don’t receive personalized emails. – Source: Salesforce.com
  • Emailing and calling are the best ways to get in touch with prospects. – Source: Hubspot

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