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The bar for sales standards has risen! “Technology-savvy customers have increasingly high standards, and explicitly seek trusted advisors over traditional salespeople.” –Salesforce State of Sales, 3rd Annual

As sales reps struggle to connect, engage and book more meetings with their target prospects, they almost always overlook the most important element of achieving their goals – their sales message and approach. Personalization at scale doesn’t mean sending more boiler plate spam emails. It means developing targeted, personalized sales messaging that renders the competition irrelevant.

You will learn:

  • Why every word you use and say drives sales success OR not.
  • Common blind spots when creating sales messaging.
  • A method for developing a strong sales message that opens the door to more sales meetings.
  • How this sales message strategy applies to the question’s sellers ask their prospects & clients.
  • The next step to take right NOW to create better sales messaging.

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