Caryn Kopp’s The Path to the Cash!® manual provides solutions that work when you face the top 10 prospect objections that keep you from getting in the door.  Many books provide information about objections, but this one gives you the answers.

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Read what sales management experts Jack Daly and Verne Harnish have to say about Caryn’s manual on overcoming objections:

“Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener, has written the most comprehensive book/manual for sales professionals to be best prepared for handling objections. Period. I’ve always said that the best sales people are “canned”, which is my way of saying that they are “prepared for most anything” before making the sales call. One of the key areas to be prepared for is the objections one encounters. Caryn not only identifies the common objections here, but provides a number of choice responses as well as a process to tackle those unique objections to anyone’s business. I couldn’t imagine having a sales person on my team without “owning” this manual in mind and action! It’s now a staple of my recommended resources for my clients. Well done Caryn.”

Jack Daly, CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.

“Caryn Kopp’s manual provides specific and focused “real world” responses to sales objections. It’s a manual I’ve made required studying for our sales team – a manual we refer to often.”

Verne Harnish, CEO Gazelles, Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Founder of Entrpreneurs’ Organization (EO)

Read what clients have said about Caryn’s manual on overcoming objections:

“Even the most hardened sales professionals in my organization agreed and acknowledge that the tips given are outstanding for opening doors and getting in front of clients and making a sales presentation. My humble compliments on creating a set of fantastic principles, and we have vowed to inculcate them into our life.”

—Ashish Gupta, India-Tech Foundation    

“Caryn Kopp’s manual on “The Path to The Cash!®” allows you to review and relate to the majority of the objections that you hear frequently. Her pragmatic “hands- on” skills for each objection, was approached realistically.  From page to page, you literally absorb her manual.  Frequently you will also say to yourself…”Why didn’t I do that?!”  Her manual is a great investment in several ways for anyone! Choose to keep it by your phone, so that the Path to YOUR ca$h, becomes a reality.

—Eileen Strong, Strong Incentives

“Since I started using your words to overcome objections I have more than tripled the number of appointments I get on a weekly basis. The manual is an essential resource and I’m looking forward to your next training seminar!”

—-Regional Sales Director

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