Jack and Caryn’s Best Tips For Overcoming Prospect Silence

Many salespeople face a common challenge: a prospect who has gone silent. In this episode of Sales B12®, Jack Daly and Caryn Kopp dissect what causes prospects silence in the first place, how to prevent it, and how to break the silence so you can get back on track. 

This episode answers: 

  • What causes prospect silence?
  • How can prospect silence be prevented in the first place?
  • How does seller “head trash” contribute to prospect silence and what can be done about it? 
  • What is a “transition sentence” and how does it help eliminate prospect silence?
  • How does a “top-down approach” help prevent prospect silence?
  • What 3 words get silent prospects to respond?
  • What tips from the dating world (yes, you read that right) can help you overcome prospect silence?
  • What 2 tools do you need in your toolbox to handle prospect silence?
  • What to AVOID doing when dealing with prospect silence?
  • How can leaders ensure their teams are prepared to handle prospect silence effectively?

As Caryn and Jack share, understanding the reasons for the quiet and having the tools to navigate it can change frustration to celebration… Silence speaks volumes… You can have better control over sales outcomes when you implement these tips.

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