Why Making Your Best Seller The Sales Manager is One of the 3 Cardinal Sins

A common misconception is that a logical next step for a great seller is being “promoted” to the sales manager. Unfortunately, many business leaders who have gone down this path sadly report they ended up with a less than average manager and lost their best producer. In this episode of Sales B12®, Sales Experts Caryn Kopp and Jack Daly discuss why making your best seller the sales manager is one of Jack’s 3 Cardinal Sins as well as what can be done instead to get the right sales leadership in place.

The key points discussed include:

  • The 3 Cardinal Sins of Sales and Sales Management
  • How great producers differ from great sales managers
  • How to spot a great sales manager
  • The “Ready” moment – When it makes sense to make someone from inside the company the sales manager
  • Where to find great sales managers outside your company
  • What to avoid this when hiring new sales managers
  • How a strong sales manager onboarding process puts new managers on the right path

Were you thinking of moving your best seller into a sales management position? Listen to this episode of Sales B12® before you do!

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