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“If you see the value in a rich pipeline… If you see the value of someone constantly looking out for your future, you need to talk to Kopp’s Door Openers®.”


This Kopp client was on a growth trajectory with ambitious goals for the next 3 years, A strong pipeline was absolutely necessary. It was also critical to change the sales process from one that was hap-hazard and not methodical, which had not proven successful for this Client in the past. One option considered was bringing on a new seller but the expense of hiring internally was daunting, the candidates they could afford were unseasoned and inexperienced and the time it would take to recruit, hire and onboard would delay the results they wanted for 3-6 months… and that is if they hired the right person the first time. They needed help getting the right doors open and didn’t have time to waste.


Bringing in an experienced Kopp Door Opener was a game-changer for this Client. Results include a rich pipeline, full of meetings with prospect decision makers who were at a higher level than the ones they reached out to in the past, and a well-defined sales process. The company was able to achieve their intended growth. The Client also reported that their Door Opener found a disconnect in how the company’s leaders messaged when speaking with prospects and brought it to their attention. Now this Client has consistent sales messaging as well.


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