Client Success

Knowing what buttons to push

“What really surprised me about the Door Opener® Service was the quick return on investment. We were able to immediately go to the top companies we were targeting: Ford, Chrysler, BMW, etc. and get appointments.” CHALLENGE: This...

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Bringing a rare level of professionalism to the table

“The money we spent with Kopp was well worth the investment.” CHALLENGE: A growing, tech-based start-up with funding needed to get out into the marketplace very quickly. They had no time to figure out how to build and manage an internal capability to set appointments....

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Getting in front of the decision-maker

“Our Door Opener® was very skilled at creating a compelling sales message. So, it’s not just the meeting they’re getting us (that our competition can’t get), but prospects are actually half-sold by the time we meet…” CHALLENGE: In a very competitive business, it’s...

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Delivering the previously undeliverable meetings

“I’m a big fan and admirer of Kopp Consulting… they've got some really great people opening doors for clients.” CHALLENGE: This Client’s sales team had a list of 100 high priority prospects from management and they were unable to secure initial meetings with the...

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Supplementing the internal business development team

CHALLENGE: Even with an internal business development team, in this Client’s industry timing is everything. With a long sales cycle, this Client spends so much time building and nurturing relationships. Finding time for door opening to consistently have new...

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Solution for a Full Pipeline

“If you see the value in a rich pipeline... If you see the value of someone constantly looking out for your future, you need to talk to Kopp's Door Openers®.” CHALLENGE: This Kopp client was on a growth trajectory with ambitious goals for the next 3 years, A strong...

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