Getting Prospects to Call You Back

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It can be very frustrating when leads don’t call back! Here are a few of the strategies we use that work. I hope they help you, too!

We email the decision maker a content rich, compelling email on a Sunday night. Our email becomes one of the first, if not the first, read on Monday morning. We provide date and time options in the email and let the decision maker know we’ll be calling his/her assistant on Monday at 9:00am to confirm which option works best for the initial meeting. When we call on Monday morning the assistant is already waiting to confirm an appointment.

We log in to LinkedIn to view the decision maker’s profile to gain intelligence from their colleagues or secure the meeting. For example, if we want to speak to the CIO but are not having luck getting through we can quickly see who the VP or Directors are that report to him/her and contact them to secure a meeting. We then ask them to invite the CIO and share a slam dunk reason why it’s critical the CIO attend the meeting.

Strategize and carefully craft a new voicemail or email that gets a prospect to realize that even if he/she doesn’t have an immediate need it’s still extremely important to make the time to meet. Too often sellers don’t think about the message content enough. They assume what they are leaving in a voicemail or writing in an email is compelling, when it’s not. We have had prospects tell us that they have received 10 calls that week from other companies just like the one we are representing and have told them all “no” but will meet with us because we said something that was important and valuable to them!

This works especially well with hard-to-reach and senior level decision makers. Connecting with prospect decision makers is just the first step in getting the door open. Once you have a prospect on the phone you will need to deliver a content-rich message that is so relevant and compelling your prospect will invite you in for a meeting.

Does the message you are using now accomplish this for you? Of course you must also be prepared to answer the objections that will inevitably come your way. How much time have you spent pre-thinking answers that will get you past the objections you face? Don’t forget to couple your objection response with a request for a next step.

How often do you do this? What are you planning to do to develop new business right now?

Happy Hunting!

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