Kopp Consulting is on the 2017 Inc. 5000 List!

Inc500 award winner

For the second year in a row, I am proud and honored to be included among the community of high-growth companies, but I’m mostly proud of the growth we’ve contributed to our clients’ businesses. We grew this company because we are a team of high level, strategic thinkers who develop sales messaging and who personally engage decision makers and get our clients initial meetings. Our proprietary strategies work and clients keep coming back for more because we’re helping them grow their businesses and give them access to sales opportunities they previously only dreamed about.

 Many companies struggle with their own sales and sales teams, quarter after quarter, year after year. Kopp’s proprietary Door Opener® Service, Strategic Sales Insights™ and trademarked Moment of Yes® Sales Message Development Process pave the way for clients to have a seat at the table with high profile, wish list prospects. These introductions help Kopp clients accelerate profitable sales and eliminate the barriers to success they previously experienced.

When clients achieve success like adding over $5 million dollars in new revenue to their businesses, increasing close ratios from 20% to 48% or being included in RFPs AFTER the RFP process officially closed, we know we’re doing business development right!

Our growth is a direct reflection of our clients trusting us to start new prospect relationships for them with the high level decision makers they need to meet in order to grow their sales. We’re happy that we can make the hardest part of sales easier for our clients and we are so excited to see them experience the growth they hoped to have. 

Eighteen years ago there was one person, me, getting our clients in the door with their prospects. Now we’re a group of 21 employees and growing! One key factor in our success is hiring very senior level business developers, Door Openers®, most of whom also held decision maker roles in corporations to represent our clients in the market. They know what to do because of their experience and intuition. And importantly, they WANT to do it!

Thank you to our amazing clients and incredibly talented Door Openers® #Inc.5000

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