Do you have a (professional) New Year’s resolution?

2024 Professional Resolutions - Open More Doors with Kopp Consulting.

Many make personal resolutions to ring in the New Year. But have you considered making a professional resolution as well?

Each year business leaders and upper management set annual goals that often include things like ‘grow top-line revenue’ or ‘meet more prospects’ or ‘this year we’re going to stop ignoring the top of the sales funnel while we’re busy closing sales’. But like saying you’re going to get fit and then only going to the gym a few times in January, this is just a bunch of rhetoric unless an effective plan is in place for lasting change.

1. Identify the #1 sales challenge which, when solved, will achieve next level results. Focus there. No need to boil the ocean. You can always tackle the next sales challenge once this one is solved. For example, many say they want more prospect meetings, then fail to implement lasting strategies which actually work to get them.

2. Measure how much time weekly is spent solving the #1 sales challenge. Many leaders fail to consider the amount of weekly time needed as a key metric to monitor. For example, if you need more prospect meetings consistently and your team spends very little time trying to get them (or devotes time in January and not the rest of the year), your chances of success are quite low. There is a direct correlation between time spent and success (as long as you’re doing it right). What can your team stop doing in order to free up time to solve the #1 sales challenge?

3. Be sure rewards are aligned with goals. Many sellers behave the way they get paid. Double check that your company’s incentive plan supports your goal of solving your #1 sales challenge. Might your commission structure for closing business work as a deterrent for sellers focusing on meeting new prospects? If so, consider a change.

As we usher in the new year, it’s not just about setting goals, it’s also about designing the path to achieve them. Here’s to a year of finally solving the challenges that sometimes stand in the way of the success you deserve!

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