These Six Sentences Are Key to Leaving a Voicemail

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It was a very busy Monday at Kopp Consulting. As I was going through each task on my checklist, I needed to call a potential client. But before I even picked up the phone, I prepared what I would say if I reached his voicemail instead of him. No matter how busy I am, I know it is essential to pre-think and strategically select the words I say. It goes something like this:

“Hi, this is Caryn Kopp from Kopp Consulting. We do new business development, and we can help get you initial meetings with your most important prospects. In fact, one of our clients was recently awarded a place on the Profit 100 list. They grew over 100% in the last three years and credited our Door Opener Service® for landing large national accounts. If this kind of growth is important to you, let’s find time to talk about how we can help you as well. Please call me at 908-781-7546, and I’ll speak with you soon.”

Let’s take a look at each sentence so you can prepare you for your next call.

Sentence One

In the first sentence, state your name and your company name. This information is crucial because if the listener deletes the message right after that, you still create awareness and an impression for you and your company, which is important.

Sentence Two

Next, explain exactly what you do using language that is relevant and compelling to your potential client. This is the hook. It is also one area where sellers make mistakes. Avoid industry jargon and fluffy, vanilla phrases (e.g. “best in class”), which can create a disconnect with prospects. A phrase that is meaningful to you isn’t always meaningful to them.

Sentence Three and Four

The third and fourth sentences are your statement of expertise and credibility. When developing these phrases, ask yourself: Why would decision makers want the meeting? What is it about what I do that would be of such benefit that they would willingly make time on their busy calendars for a conversation about how I can make their lives better?

Sentence Five

Now it’s time for the call to action. What do you want? Do you want a meeting? Do you want a returned phone call? Be specific in your ask.

Sentence Six

Last, give your phone number, conversationally. No need to repeat it. Put spaces in-between the digits and then say whatever goodbye is most comfortable for you.

Once you know what you are going to say, leave yourself a few voicemails for practice. Remember this formula: Language + delivery = outcome. In addition to being conversational in your delivery, it’s important to vary your messages over time. You cannot leave the same voicemail a second time for the same person. As time goes on, add more information that also makes an impact.

Although you may leave 25 voicemails in any one day, your prospect hears only ONE of yours. Make it count. Selling will be easier when you do.

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